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Our 2021 Collection Amalia is a genuine tribute to the Women of today. It transports us to a contemporary Bride, an accomplice of her beauty, knowledgeable & eco-conscious. A woman who appreciates elegance and style well ahead of any trends, she loves to break with precedents with a little playful eccentricity which brings out the best in her personality. Throughout the collection, volume and lightness coexist, lines flow between constructed structures, softer forms, and silhouettes, with weight. We have used eco-sustainable fabrics – some made from recovered or recycled yarn – which has undergone procedures that are innovative in the sector, such as traceability. Amalia is a collection for a Lady who belongs to these ever-changing times, for a free woman, who knows that Elegance is a continuity, a passage between present and future as an essential quality. It is with great pride that JESUS PEIRO is the first and only company in the bridal sector that can use the “Made in Spain” mark on our dresses.

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